Friday, March 8, 2013

Modern Spring Table- runner

Our Modern Quilt Meeting is tomorrow and I wanted to finish this table runner that I had waiting for spring.  Since it is tomorrow and I don't think many members will be reading blogs tonight I am going to go ahead a post a pic of it.  It all started off with a modern center and then borders added to it.  I was looking for a quick way to add the binding so I watched a you tube video on doing it by machine so that is how it was finished  and I really did enjoy the process.  I am a binding kind of girl.  I like adding to it by sitting and enjoying hand stitching the binding on but since I cannot do any hand stitching in length at the moment I decided to try the machine and boy was it don't look at the quilting too close cause I am in learning mood.......anyway I hope you enjoy!

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sandiqltr said...

I love this table runner, Sharon!!! Improv is great!