Sunday, March 3, 2013

Family with pics of DH & Brother

Well today we had a family birthday party for my gran-daughter, Phalynn, who just turned 4.  I wanted to post a few pics of the people that you all have been so graciously rooting for either by prayer, good intentions or karma.  My son who lives right down the street had a little get together party for his daughter for her birthday and although my daughter and S-i-L didn't make it, I do have a pic of my brother and dh.  I truly do believe that only through the grace of God and good intentions, all of us were there for this thank you and here are the people you were rooting for:
This was the guest of honor:  Phalynn, my son Gene and daughter-in-law Samantha

her brother Dayton

my one and only brother, Carl

her grandpa & my dh, Gene

last but not least me, grandma

Thanks again you all are so appreciated!

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