Monday, July 30, 2012

Sneak peek on the modern mini challenge

I am in a modern mini challenge and wanted to post a few sneak peeks at a few blocks I sent out this week. Can u guess on whether one of these is yours....

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A winner

Hi there everyone, thank you all so much for visiting me and saying all those nice things about my blog.  I have not gotten to everyone's blog yet but I intend to so don't give up on me yet..... I am a bit late in pulling the winner out of the hat but I had a friend pass away on Tuesday night and it has been a little mental for me to handle but she has been in pain for a very long time so now she is in a place and filled with love and no longer in pain and for that I am now to the winner

"Your Give-Away is so nice...I have not seen that magazine before!

So if you will send me your info I will get these in the mail to you and I hope you enjoy.

A beautiful suprise

I wanted to post a pic of this beautiful quilt I received in the mail.  It is from some very special ladies on the World Wide Crazy Quilt Group that I belong to.  What a surprise it was.  It is a wonderful fun loving yahoo group. If you like to hand stitch or crazy-quilt and just love to be part of a group of people that love to share their talents in hand stitching then you might want to consider joining this wonderful group.
Ladies the quilt is beautiful and I thank you so very much for thinking of me and putting your time and talent into something so lovely.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Red, White & Blue Blog Hop Celebration July 10th

This has been a wonderful, colorful display of what the colors of our flag are, wouldn't you agree.  I have always loved to make blocks in our red, white & blue.  I cannot tell you how many I have made and sent off to be in someone's quilt of Valor or have made my own quilt or table runner etc.  The first one I would like to show is of course a star...and who of us does not like a star done in not only red, white and blue but how about a little off white with red and blue to me this just is another way of ageing our colors, almost  like history.....I can't remember the name of the block, what can I say it is the chemo drugs so if you know the name then please post here for all to know.  I was making it at someone else's house and left the print out there.

I am going to show you 2- 6" blocks that I used in a R,W, & B quilt not because I am trying to break the rules but the first one I used as a border block in a Quilt of Valor quilt and I got to tell you I wish I had a picture of the quilt and I do have someone looking for a pic of it but it made it stand out beautifully so it is just another option instead of making it all R,W & is my red and white border block.
Then this one a bunch of us ladies and one gentleman decided to have a red, white and blue signature exchange.  There were 24 of us in the exchange and we did take it one step further by adding a drawing to the center of a rail fence block of our state and they are awesome together but since I did not actually put it together yet I will show you just a few that were done.  I hope maybe it will give you another idea on getting a group of friends together to make just a little different red, white and blue exchange.

Last but not least "string" quilts seem to be coming back and I made these blocks to use as a table topper.  I used newspaper print paper  as a foundation and I will show you what they looked like in the will need 2.5" strips for the center and then I used 5.5" squares to make the side strips.

You lay the red strip face up going from corner to corner first and then lay the side pieces face down on either side of the red strip, it will look like this...

And then look like this with both sides added to the center red strip....
Now before you start sewing your blocks together to get your 12.5" square you need to remove the paper in the back.  If you use a tiny stitch then the paper will tear really easy at the seams..
There are all different ways you can put your blocks together  but this is how I am putting mine together and will be doing it today.  Sorry that I did not get that far but it gives you an idea anyway...
I hope you are having fun and enjoying all of these wonderful blogs for the old red, white and blue.  Thanks to Jane and Madame Samm for having me.  Please follow the link on the side bar to see who else is scheduled today.  I am giving away a copy of this magazine and a yard of this sewing notion fabric from Hoffman.  If you would like to leave a comment please do and I will pull a name at the end of the day on Wednesday the 11th.  To me these colors represent freedom so please remember to use your freedoms in the best way possible and although we forget sometimes, our freedom was bought and paid for by plenty of men and woman who wanted to make sure we got to keep it.....

and here is the list of fellow creators today....

July 10th