Saturday, January 29, 2011

My second Valentine Dotee Doll

Here is my second one and I think she turned out real pretty. I hope there new owners will like them.
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Friday, January 28, 2011

Dotee Doll Swap

I am in a Dotee Doll swap  with the theme of "Valentine's Day" in one of my groups and I have two to do so I have managed to finish one  and I wanted  to share with you.  Actually the little charms are silver and red but it looks silver and yellow.  Does she look Valentine's day to you?  Thanks for looking...enjoy your day it is sunny here and might just be a nice day.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Our new addition is home

Well we picked up our new addion to our home on Saturday and let me tell you I must have been really young when I trained our other pet "Riley" because in just 2 days she has been a handful as far as potty trining.  It is like every 6 minutes she needs to go.  But she has been a joy and I would like you all to meet her... This is Sophie

Monday, January 17, 2011

A "2010" Guild Challenge

Morning!  Well I wanted to take a pic of this before I take it to guild because I am forever forgetting to take pics.  This was a guild challenge that was due in Decmeber of "2010".  Needless to say it did not get done until after the due date but I still do want to take it in and show it completed.  What we had to do with the challenge was everything in the quilt had to start off as a solid fabric with the exception of embellishments.    So with the black background and binding I used a little bleach and some rubber stamps, where you see the borders I used reversed applique and my hand-dyes then the flower and the stem were also hand-dyes but I wanted to try the texture magic that I had heard about  for some time and I really enjoyed using that.  I then embellished it with the inches and did some stitching in the ditch and around the bleach motifs and it is done.  I really did enjoy working on this because I tried so many new things and I am satisfied with the piece.  For some I guess you can tell it was a beginner art quilt piece but I sort of like it.....thanks for looking

"Give Thanks" BOM

Click on the above heading there is  a wonderful new bom for "2011".  It is very different and it is one you will enjoy.  Have a great day!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Carolyn

I was with my friend yesterday at our bee group and it is her birthday today.  So I made a pincushion for her and along with it I bought her a book she has been wanting.  It is hard to buy for  a person who has everything so I made her something instead.....enjoy!

A Yarn Scarf

Yesterday when we were at a bee group that I am in I made a scarf from different yarns.  It took all but about 15 minutes and it was fun.  Now at guild on Monday we will be doing only a certain colorway so I think that will be nice also.  enjoy your day!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

February will be upon us!

Well for those that know me they know that in February my daughter has her school "winter-fest" which last year we auctioned off a quilt with the hands of her class-kids on each block and we used school colors.  Well this year we will do profiles and a nice border fabric that Leigh-Anne will pick out but I wanted to post a pic of how each block will look.  It should come out really cute.  We are getting a late start but hopefully in time my daughter will get,  that starting earlier is better than starting later, but in turn I know that it is not the first thing on her mind so we will get er' done......have a wonderful day!

A New Addition

I would like you all to meet my new addition.  Well she is only 6 weeks old right now and I will not be able to have her until the 24th when she will be 8 weeks but I am looking forward to her.  The only thing is I do not have a name for her yet.  So if you have any ideas please comment and help me put a name to her precious face.  Thanks for looking, enjoy!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I have had a BLOG OVERHAUL !!!!!!! Yeah!

Oh and I could not be happier.  Yes I was given a new outlook for the New Year by Madame Samm and itsn't it just lovely.  I am so pleased.  I was kind of getting bored of going into it myself let alone asking friends to go and sit a spell. 
I know after talking with  Madamme Samm that it was a mess and I do believe it.  I promise her and myself to try and keep it that way.  I think I have just went back and read some of my old stuff that I entered when I first started blogging because I felt like sitting there and  reading my own blog, how about that!  She is a super sweet  and gracious lady and I appreciate her very much for cleaning up my to speak.

Monday, January 10, 2011

More Jan. snow pics.

Here are some more of our snow pics that we have taken...all in all we got about 8 inches maybe a little more.  I was talking with my son  who lives on Lookout Mtn. and he said they got around 11"  and I know my daughter and SIL who live in GA also, received about 7 or 8 inches.   These are pics of different areas on the property that just looked so pretty plus the barn and the house. It is just beautiful!  Enjoy!!!!!

Agift from a friend

I am hoping that the beautiful blue/teal colors come through on this scarf.  A friend of mine made this for me for Christmas and I had to get the perfect lite to show all the pretty colors but isn't it gorgeous.  Enjoy and Live, Love & Laugh

New Fallen Snow

Good Morning!  Well it was around 6:00  this morning when I took this picture and we had 7" plus it is still falling.  It is beautiful here in the snow.  But now that I am homebound for a couple days I have allot of hand stitching and sewing room clean out that I can get done.....yeah!  Have a wonderful day and stay safe.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Christmas Gift

Good morning! My friend Linda made this for me for Christmas and I just love it..her applique is just wonderful. Thanks Linda
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