Monday, January 17, 2011

A "2010" Guild Challenge

Morning!  Well I wanted to take a pic of this before I take it to guild because I am forever forgetting to take pics.  This was a guild challenge that was due in Decmeber of "2010".  Needless to say it did not get done until after the due date but I still do want to take it in and show it completed.  What we had to do with the challenge was everything in the quilt had to start off as a solid fabric with the exception of embellishments.    So with the black background and binding I used a little bleach and some rubber stamps, where you see the borders I used reversed applique and my hand-dyes then the flower and the stem were also hand-dyes but I wanted to try the texture magic that I had heard about  for some time and I really enjoyed using that.  I then embellished it with the inches and did some stitching in the ditch and around the bleach motifs and it is done.  I really did enjoy working on this because I tried so many new things and I am satisfied with the piece.  For some I guess you can tell it was a beginner art quilt piece but I sort of like it.....thanks for looking
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