Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year!

Wanted to take a moment and wish you all a very Happy, prosperous, creative and fun filled "2012".  Take some time to enrich the lives of your self, your families and  your friends.  I can tell you for myself I see and maybe not see but feel that there will be changes in my life this year and I am going to just try and go with the flow and hope that the Lord will be walking with me through it all...I also would like to thank those who have shared their "2011" with me and I look forward to sharing my "2012" with you.
I have learned allot this year about people in general and to a few I found out what friendship really means to them and to tell you the truth I needed to learn this lesson i.e. just cause it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck doesn't mean it is a duck who would know that I would think it would be a duck wouldn't
Well anyway enough of that...I look forward to a wonderful 2012 sharing and caring......goodnight and sweet dreams...

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Well I did finally get to finish my purse...I loved the colors when I first saw them and have been waiting for a play day just for me...enjoy!

Monday, December 26, 2011

WWCQ Secret Sister

Over in my world wide crazyquilt group we had secret sisters and Diane was the one that sent to me...I received this  after 7:30 on Christmas eve..I still cannot believe it...

Charms from 12 days SS

The first picture was  the charms that Susie sent me in my 12 days secret sister exchange on our WWCQ group. When I say she spoiled me look at the second pic with all the threads and fibers that she also sent me. I have never even used some of these so this is  very exciting.  What we were suppose to do is mimick the 12 days of Christmas and change the words like
On the first day of Christmas my secret sister sent to me a vintage silkie....
On the second day of Christmas my secret sister sent to me two silver charms.. and so forth...then on the l2th day of Christmas my secret sister sent o me a handmade ?????? well you get the point.
Needless to say that Susie did not pay attention because she sent me all these beautiful threads and fibers that I am going to be having so much fun stitching with.....Thanks so much Susie!

2 more Purses

I made the black and white for my daughter, Leigh-Anne and then the black white and pink for my Daughter in law, Samantha....the bottom pic is of the inside of the purse..there are 8 pockets in each purse and it is a wonderful size...enjoy your day

Christmas Pics

Here r some pics from our Christmas with the kids and Grandkids:

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Merry Christmas

Well just in case I don't get back to posting before Sunday I wanted to wish my family and my extended family friends a very, very Merry Christmas and may all your wishes come true!

Christmas table runner

I also finished my son's and D-i-L's Christmas table runner...I hope they like it.   It was quick to make and their theme is snowmen this year so I thought the fabric would be wonderful..enjoy

Linda's Purse

This I made for my friend Linda. She wanted a purse made with Kaffe fabrics. Now this is the smaller one. There are 2 patterns for the Bow Tucks pattern the smaller one and the larger one. I will also be making her a larger one....I just do not know what fabric I am going to use yet. And that will be after the holiday...but she was very pleased with this one which made me happy.  Merry Christmas Linda!

Grandbabies Pillow cases

I finally got to get my grand babies pillow cases finished and they are made with fleece and  flannel.  Here is a pic...

Monday, December 19, 2011

Just a quick note

Evening everyone...I just received this from a friend and I have been taking note of it here lately.  It is so important that we remember to check for things that could be made right here is the USA and she just reminded me of it so I thought I would remind anyone else that might be interested by posting her note to me...have a good night

> > is also why I don't buy cards at Hallmark anymore, They are made in
> > China and are more expensive! I buy them at Dollar Tree - 50 cents each
> > and made in USA
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > I have been looking at the blenders available on the Internet. Kitchen
> > Aid is MADE IN the US. Top of my list already...
> >
> >
> > Yesterday I was in Wal Mart looking for a wastebasket. I found some
> > made in China for $6.99. I didn't want to pay that much so I asked the
> > lady if they had any others. She took me to another department and they
> > had some at $2.50 made in USA. They are just as good. Same as a kitchen
> > rug I needed. I had to look, but I found some made in the USA - what a
> > concept! - and they were $3.00 cheaper.
> >
> >
> >
> > We are being brainwashed to believe that everything that comes from
> > China and Mexico is cheaper. Not so.
> >
> >
> > I was in Lowe's the other day and just out of curiosity, I looked at the
> > hose attachments. They were all made in China. The next day I was in Ace
> > Hardware and just for the heck of it I checked the hose attachments
> > there. They were made in USA.
> >
> > Start looking, people . . ...In our current economic situation, every
> > little thing we buy or do affects someone else - most often, their job.
> >
> >
> > My grandson likes Hershey's candy. I noticed, though, that it is now
> > marked "made in Mexico." I don't buy it anymore.
> >
> >
> > My favorite toothpaste Colgate is made in Mexico... now I have switched
> > to Crest.
> >
> >
> > You have to read the labels on everything.
> >
> > This past weekend I was at Kroger . . . I needed 60W light bulbs and
> > Bounce dryer sheets.
> > I was in the light bulb aisle, and right next to the GE brand I normally
> > buy -- was an off-brand labeled, "Everyday Value." I picked up both
> > types of bulbs and compared them: they were the same except for the
> > price . . .the GE bulbs cost more than the Everyday Value brand, but the
> > thing that surprised me the most was that that GE was made in MEXICO and
> > the Everyday Value brand was made in - you guessed it - the USA at a
> > company in Cleveland, Ohio.
> >
> > It's Way past time to start finding and buying products you use every
> > day that are made right here.
> >
> > So, on to the next aisle: Bounce Dryer Sheets... yep, you guessed it,
> > Bounce cost more money and is made in Canada. The Everyday Value brand
> > cost less, and was MADE IN THE USA! I did laundry yesterday and the
> > dryer sheets performed just like the Bounce Free I have been using for
> > years, at almost half the price.
> >
> > My challenge to you is to start reading the labels when you shop for
> > everyday things and see what you can find that is made in the USA - the
> > job you save may be your own or your neighbors!
> >
> > If you accept the challenge, pass this on to others in your address
> > book so we can all start buying American, one light bulb at a time!
> >
> > Stop buying from overseas companies - you're sending the jobs there.
> > (We should have awakened a decade ago....)
> >
> > Let's get with the program and help our fellow Americans keep their jobs
> > and create more jobs here in the USA.
> > I passed this on .. .. . will you???
> > 

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Purse for a friend

I finished this purse Saturday night but I have to add the button this more down and just a few to go enjoy your day!
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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Victorian Christmas Boot

This is my Victorian Christmas boot I finished..I just love it...

Friday, December 16, 2011

2 More finished

Well I finally finished my friends applique' portifolio.  She does beautiful applique' and I thought she might be able to use this.  We have been exchanging gifts for over 10 years and I am running out of ideas so I thought this might be nice...then I also finished a watch and necklace for another friend she was the one that got me into making jewelry  oh I guess about 5 years ago so I do still dabble in it......enjoy your evening  

Friday Night Sew-in

If you look on the left side of my blog you will see a button for those of us that are still stitching away...check it out!!!

My word for 2012

I have chosen my word for "2012".  Instead of doing a resolution this year, which always seems to get pushed around until I really do not remember what the resolution was, I have chosen a word.  Hopefully this will help me be a better person, really work on things I want to finish and things I want to learn.  So my new word for "2012" is F O C U S .  Are yo creating a word for this year!  
If you go to my side bar and look for Linda's website she will share with you the reasons she has choose a word and not a resolution.....have a great day

More to follow

Well I do have a few more posts to add for 2011 but they are presents that I have to wait to give them out and then I will be able to post them but for now you are all updated... I will also be posting about my 2012  expectations so have a great and wonderful day!  But most of all remember to be kind to yourself!

American Sewing Group (ASG)

Last week we had our last meeting for our ASG group as one group.  Come January we will be breaking up into 3 groups for now.  Group 1 will be all kinds of threads and fibers:  Group 2 will be a quilting group and last but not lest Group 3 will be Garment Sewing.  So here are a few pics from that meeting.  The lady in the black sweater is our president, Julie:
One of our members made a bunch of calendars for us and another one brought allot of the older magazines that had references to  garment sewing in them.  We also had a cover dish.  I think a fun time was had by all.

An update on me and our Christmas Tree

So many of you have been following my medical mystery and testing that I have been going thru and in this last week it is all starting to come together.  It has been determined that I ave been having small seizures.  But like we were thinking they are not coming from my brain but from my heart.  There is an irregular rhythm going on somewhere in there that is causing the seizures.  For now I am on seizure medicine and in January they weill be adding a small electrode box under the skin to determine the extent of my heart rhythms.  But I wanted to let the very many people that have been sending prayers and good Karma my way to know that they have not gone unanswered.  It is still a process but we are getting closer and do have some answers.  And I appreciate all the prayers and karma that has been sent my way..I could not have went thru all this without them, "thank you".
Here is a pic of our Christmas Tree this year :

Quilted date book cover

I wanted to finish this jacket cover for my calendar for 2012.  I needed to add dates already and did not want the datebook to not be covered so this is what I done with it.
It works for me....

Kathy Shawl's Group

In one of the Crazyquilt groups that I am in "Kathy Shawl's she issued a challenge to send her 3- 4 x 6" blocks.  She would embellish one and return it then send the other 2 to different people and have them embellish it and send it back.  She has a wonderful turn out and now we received our 2 that we need to embellish and she has already finished with some and mine was one of them  This is the block that she returned to me and isn't it awesome.

WWCQ ss or 12 days ss

In our World Wide Crazy Quilt group we had a secret sister exchange and a 12 day SS...this is something that I finished for one of those groups:
I hope she likes it....

Brown Bag Challenge

In our local crazy quilt group we just finished up a brown bag add a border  challenge.  There were 2 groups one that had 4 people in it and one that had 3.  Well  we challenged ourselves if we wanted to do something that we never tried before.  This is Delores Quilt.  She did the very center; then Linda did the next round up into the 1: checkerboard round and then I did the last round. What I did was painted leaves with the Lumiere paints and then stitched around the leaves.  I liked the process the only thing is you have to make sure that the person will not be washing the piece and that it will  be a wall hanging or table topper because then you will ruin the paint.  Here is a pic of the leaves:

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Words to myself

Well I am posting a note to myself so I can come back and read it time and time again...when I need it.  I enjoy my guilds and groups so much because they are just the type of people that I love to be around.  I belong to quilt guilds and groups, fiber art groups and sewing guilds.  To me, other than my family, we are the best people to be around.  In my opinion we are creative, knowledgeable, understanding, forthright, we love to share and help other people.  We love to make for those less fortunate and there are many other adjectives and verbs I could think of to use but if you are reading this than you already know them but one major thought about others in this area.... we love to SMILE and HUG and sometimes that is all someone needs to make their day.  What has led me to writing this post is, as some of you know, lately I have been rather housebound to a certain degree until a few personal things are worked out and since I have been partially housebound I have been cleaning up or out or reorganizing my Stuff!    Boy oh boy do I have allot of stuff so I am thinking about this year coming up and since I really have accomplished so much in the last month or so (some things I cannot reveal due to being presents from Santa) I think what I am thinking is maybe taking a few of my groups/guilds and taking a hiatus just for who knows 6 months to a year to really work on getting some of my own stuff done without putting the pressure on myself to feel like I need to do everything that each group/guild is doing.  Also I had a friend, Linda who use to come over once a week, when I had a larger sewing room and we would just stitch and talk together maybe treat ourselves to a lunch once in awhile and I really do miss that.  We could not stay in my sewing room, I don't think anyway but we could use the l/r or something just to have our quality time back.  I think she misses it too well at least I hope she misses it and we could get back to it after the first of the year.  I also have another friend, Vicky  that would also like to join in every now and again.  What better thing than to share your time and your hobbies with your friends.
I generally do not post a "what I am thinking" post but you know way back when I first started this blog that is what it was suppose to be for and every now and again I did post a personal note but I must be changing or something is going on with me because I feel the need to really start connecting through putting pen to paper or fingers to  See there is something else allot of you do not know about me;  I use to write all the time since I was oh I guess about 11 years old.  I have journals and journals up until oh I guess I was around 30 and then I stopped for personal reasons I guess but anyway these are my thoughts right now and where ever they lead I am looking forward to bringing in the New Year with friends and family......enjoy your day!

Monday, November 28, 2011


I was in a rr with the CQI group and just received my block back home...the girls done some wonderful stitching on it..enjoy

And here is what Sandy sent me as a gift:

Our Thanksgiving Day

Here are some pics that I wanted to share from our thanksgiving...I hope you and yours had a wonderful day!
The first one is half of our dinner guests and the second one is my daughter-in-law Samantha; my grandbaby girl Phalynn and my grandson Dayton.  It turned out to be a wonderful day and since there were 2 cooks in the kitchen Sam and I got along wonderfully!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving

To my family & friends and my  extended family and friends I wanted to take a moment and say " thank you"!  I have had a bit of a tough year and you all have helped me through it in some way.  At times I did not know how I was going to get through some of it and I could always come here and reach out and you all were there.  And in such a gentle way I could not ask for a better Internet circle of family/friends.  I hope the next year finds  good things for us and our family.   I know God never gives us  more than what we can bear and what I felt I could not bare I came here to share and you all helped me so I say "thank you" and if I can help any of you all  in some small way I will be there. You know I was thinking the other day that if we all could put a pile of our hardships out there in front of us and we could all see each others then we more than likely would take ours back. Take care of you and your families and have a wonderful season of fun, love, support and friendship.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Needing help with blogs

Good morning I am wondering if anyone els has had the same problem I am having.  Whenever I go to a blog it is taking me forever to be able to go anywhere or post a comment on any blog that I go to , even my own.  I keep getting a message at the bottom of the blog that says blogger needs to recover.  So i hit the reover page and it takes me, without a word of lie at least 14 to 20 minutes for it to recover and then someimtes I still cannot leave a comment or anything.  I am thinking that something is not connecting and it has only been since this new computer that I had to get almost a couple of weeks ago.  I have sent bloggers a note about it and have not heard anything yet so I was wondering if anyone else has gone thru this?  Apprecite any words of advice.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ten minute tablerunner for thanksgiving

We are having dinner at my sons house this year for thanksgiving since my kitchen is so small.  Since this is his first year with his new wife and there first thanksgiving dinner I made a table runner that is quilted with all fall leaves but you cannot see them on the front.  So I just wanted to share..

Fall CQ block

I was going through all my cq blocks and this lovely fall block was just aching to have my attention..

All about Chritmas RR block

Just wanted to share a pic of a block that I put together for a christmas rr in WWCQ group.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Please take a moment today....