Friday, December 16, 2011

An update on me and our Christmas Tree

So many of you have been following my medical mystery and testing that I have been going thru and in this last week it is all starting to come together.  It has been determined that I ave been having small seizures.  But like we were thinking they are not coming from my brain but from my heart.  There is an irregular rhythm going on somewhere in there that is causing the seizures.  For now I am on seizure medicine and in January they weill be adding a small electrode box under the skin to determine the extent of my heart rhythms.  But I wanted to let the very many people that have been sending prayers and good Karma my way to know that they have not gone unanswered.  It is still a process but we are getting closer and do have some answers.  And I appreciate all the prayers and karma that has been sent my way..I could not have went thru all this without them, "thank you".
Here is a pic of our Christmas Tree this year :

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