Saturday, March 27, 2010

The End of my Good Egg bunny Hop Give-a-way and the winner is......

Well I would like to thank everyone who joined in our fun filled bunny hop.  I have met some new friends I hope and had a chance to get together with some old friends and now to announce the winner.... I put all the names into a little bag and had my DH pull one lucky winner.  I do wish I had a prize for all though.  I can honestly say this was my first give-a-way but I had so much fun I think I will have more.......just stay posted.

the lucky winner is............

grammy and papi

I love Spring because of the promise of new life (flowers, trees, animals, you get the idea). Winter has been drab and suddenly, new life "springs" forth and everything is fresh and new. I can see it now and smell the fresh air.

You are my lucky winner if you will please notify me with the details for mailing I would appreciate it....

Happy Easter and  good luck to all on the rest of our bunny hop....

Thank You for attending the Bunny Hop

I want to thank everyone who stopped by to say Hello and sign up for the bunny hop drawing.  I can tell you this was allot of fun and my first give-a-way.  I have not gotten to everyone's blog yet but I do intend to.  And I can tell you that I will be having other give-a-ways it is such fun to get to meet new friends and stay connected to old ones.
I will be pulling the winner later this evening by putting everyone's name into the basket and having my husband draw the winniing  name.  I know I can use the number generator but that just seems to be impersonal to me anyway.  At least for a personal give-a-way.
Like I said I did not get to visit everyone yet but I will and I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter and and beautiful spring.  Thank you for making mine so much more special.....


Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Well there is no better way than to start the spring season out but with a give-a-way.  Sandi is the lady who started this all out and if you click on the bunny on the side bar you will read where it all started and also it will take you to other friends that are joining in on this "Bunny Hop" and they too are doing a give-a-way.  The key is you only have  few days to visit all the lovely ladies that are involved.   The Hop is from March 24th thru the 28th.  But with some of the ladies it may end sooner so you will need to visit and read the instructions on each one. 
On a personal note I want to thank Sandi for  putting allot of time and effort into putting this together and letting me join in on the fun, I feel privilaged to be a part of it.
Now for this hop , Countess Hop and I (the bunny on the top of the basket, went out for a stroll and along the way we came acrossed "Amy Butlers" beautiful  spring bundle of FQ"s, aren't they just yummy also there was a chick and her egg along with some "jelly belly's Key Lime pie jelly beans.  Oh and I almost forgot there maybe a few other things for instance chocolate some where stored in this beautiful key lime basket.  Now all you have to do to win is leave me a comment telling me what spring means to you and of course a way to reach you if you should win.  I will take comments until midnight, March 26th and there will be a lucky winner on Saturday the 27th.  For 2 chances in the hat just join my blog with a sperate note telling me that.  I hope you have a wonderful Easter and a blessed one to share with family and friends.  Good luck!
PS...Just in case you are wondering this is for all friends, I will ship international.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Give a Way coming soon

Check back in a few days for a trail to a wonderful give a way.....

Sunday, March 14, 2010

DH out of the hospital

Wanted to shout out a big "Thank you" to all of those who have sent a note of prayer or left a comment to me and my DH.  We are home and there has been no damage to his heart they were trying to get his blood pressure to stay down which eventually they did and now it is just the healing process, he does have more meds to take which I am sure that some of you will agree is a problem all in itself but maybe he will heed this warning.  Again thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your prayers...

Monday, March 8, 2010

Just a note & hospital

I wanted to post a note here for all those who are wondering where I am... I have not really been going into any groups because of my puter problem. At this point my computer is not all fixed yet and I really don't know when it will be...I can hope for sooner rather than later but it seems things just get in the way.
I have taken my husband to the ER this morning with shallow breathing, very hi blood pressure, numbness and tingling on his left side, etc.  They have gotten the blood pressure down and he will be going thru a battery  of tests tomorrow and then hopefully we will know  something... He had this once before but not as severe.  So anyone who would like to say a prayer for him please do, we could use all the ones you could muster.  I will keep  you all posted thru the blog and by the time I get it all together and working perfect I should have some pics to post, oh what a day...  Talk to you all soon...