Monday, March 8, 2010

Just a note & hospital

I wanted to post a note here for all those who are wondering where I am... I have not really been going into any groups because of my puter problem. At this point my computer is not all fixed yet and I really don't know when it will be...I can hope for sooner rather than later but it seems things just get in the way.
I have taken my husband to the ER this morning with shallow breathing, very hi blood pressure, numbness and tingling on his left side, etc.  They have gotten the blood pressure down and he will be going thru a battery  of tests tomorrow and then hopefully we will know  something... He had this once before but not as severe.  So anyone who would like to say a prayer for him please do, we could use all the ones you could muster.  I will keep  you all posted thru the blog and by the time I get it all together and working perfect I should have some pics to post, oh what a day...  Talk to you all soon...
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