Saturday, December 28, 2013

A few new places to visit...

Here are a few links that were posted earlier on one of the groups I am in and thought maybe sharing was in order..have a great day!

bag insert...good idea.

a plentiful variety of tutorials

how to make a fleece scarf

some assorted tutorials here

another find of wonderful tutorials


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

I wanted to take this time to wish all my blogger friends and family a very Merry Christmas and

 a  wonderful, healthy, happy, joyous and creative New Year!  

may your glasses always be full!!!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas card Quilt and ss stockings

Good Sunday morning all!   I am sure like most people we are all busy this time of the year..This weekend is my baking weekend but I wanted to stop and say hi and to show a few pics of my stockings that I did for my new secret sister and my Christmas card quilt I started oh probably 2 years ago.  When I went to retreat I asked a friend of mine to show me a way to put binding on by my machine and she did (thank you very much Sandi) so now it is finished and hanging up.  This was a pattern from Chattanooga Quilt shop and it was fun putting it together...

 I have also finished a few gifts that I cannot show yet but can show my double small stockings that are for my secret sister and I will be getting those in the mail tomorrow so I wanted to post a pic before they go all that is left to do is fill them up..enjoy and I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season filled with family, friendship and of course good food..........

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Good morning everyone...I see it has been awhile since I posted but believe me I have been busy every single one of those days.....I hope you all had a very wonderful thanksgiving day with friends and family, we did.....
Since moving my M-I-Love down from Jersey it has been an adventure for us as well as for my m-i-l.  She has been a pleasure to have here but does have allot going on and other than getting her situated with a new primary doctor she also has 7 specialists to see, a few of whom we are on a cancellation list or have to wait until Feb and March which I do not think she can wait to see her rheumatoid doctor for that long so hopefully we will be getting it sooner...
I did manage to get a few things done.  My next atc's are already out the door and the theme was "Black or White" so I say why not both....
I also made my m-i-l a few pillow cases for a birthday gift and she just loves roses so that is what she got and they came out pretty nice...

So I did get to stitch a little.   I also was able to finish a Christmas wall hanging, a couple cuddle quilts and the top of my husbands "route 66" quilt but I will show pics of those in a day or so.  Would like to have it quilted before Christmas so hopefully that will get finished.
Well just touching base with everyone and wanted to say "hello" and hopefully things will get back to some kind of routine by the New Year.  Have a wonderful day!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Modern Tote bag

I have not really had much time to get in my sewing room since we have moved my M-i-L in with us but hopefully when things settle down it will not be so far and few between...Here is  a pic of my modern tote bag....

Grand kids Trick or Treat night...

I just love when the kids get dressed up for Halloween and have a great night of fun.  My grand kids did get dressed up this year as Rapunzel and a "Shadow".  I thought they looked so cute that I had to post a pic here for everyone to see.

and this is the son Gene, d-i-l Samantha and then Phalynn and Dayton

I hope you all enjoyed your Halloween in whatever way you chose to celebrate it.......

Friday, October 25, 2013

Last meeting for 2013 of our "Greatful Threads" group

Last night was the last meeting for our art group for 2013.  Our challenge was to make our badges this year and we were working out of an art book which was very interesting and taught you different techniques.  Also we had a guest speaker who shared with us ways to help us market our art.  All in all it was a great meeting.  Next year we have decided to each be a part of the meeting by doing a different technique and telling how we came about using that technique...the pieces are to be no bigger than 11 x 18 with the intent of making one project by the end of the year with each months technique....I think it should be pretty interesting to see what we all come up with.  Our challenge for the year will be to make a self portrait....hmmm for me I know that will be interesting because I do not know a thing about that area.  Here is a pic of my badge......
The weather here in Chattanooga is a bit chilly and we have had our first frost already.....brrrrrrr!

ATC Trade

I joined a group of ladies to exchange ATC cards.  The theme for this month was "From the Stone Age"  well maybe I should have waited for another month but I wanted to do something different and I know these are pink and pink was not from the stone age but it was my dedication to cancer awareness month.  I used crayon method to make the background and then printed out the mugs on fabric and added the bead as to represent stone.  I also printed out the information sheets that went on the back and the ones that I attached telling us how beer was made at the end of the "Stone Age".  It was very interesting to read and I am not sure what the hostess was looking for but I was trying to find something different and hope these ladies do not take offense to "beer" as my theme.  Have a wonderful day.....

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Just a note about the previous post on the bag

Good morning..whoohoo I am posting again for now anyway.  I am still having a few problems with my computer so the post might be a little sporadic still but as soon as I can get myself whole again I will be posting.
I was asked on the previous post about the bag pattern that I used and yes it is a pattern and a very big bag and so user friendly.  It is called the "chubby charmer"  I did make it a little smaller because I had to mail it and I rather like the smaller version.....
Thanks for staying in touch with me during my computer issues.....have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Bag exchange

Good Morning...things are moving along with my m-i-l we are getting her settled and have almost all of her calls and id's and all that finished. 
I am in a tote bag exchange and we did have a theme for this one it was fall but my partner does not like fall colors or civil war colors  and wanted brights and loves teal and red so I just added a few autumn things to her bag that she can remove to keep within the parameter of the rules for the bag.  After all if she does not like those colors I did not want to make her something that she did not want so here is a pic of the finished bag.....hopefully she will get it soon as it went out on the scheduled date.  It has tons of pockets per her request and long handles so we will see.  Here is a pic...

I will keep my fingers crossed that she likes it.  Have a great day everyone...


Monday, September 30, 2013

Birthday,,oh what a day.

I had a wonderful birthday this year filled with very lovely presents and a special one from my DH and M-i-L...Please let me show you them.

This I got from my friend Linda and I love caring is so convenient and a wonderful she also made me finger less gloves which I have been wanting forever with a little scarf to go with it.. 
Then my friend Sandi gave me what is called a "nestament" which is what hummingbirds build their nests out of.  It is made from all natural materials but I have decided it will stay indoors at my a beautiful piece of fabric

Then my friend Karen gave me  one of her mugs that was made for her from the local museum at 5 points here in Cleveland TN and on it was her opportunity is gorgeous.

Another friend of mine. Josie,  gave me all kinds of wool and she actually dyed it right from the sheep plus a mixed bag of stuff to help me out with my next  present which is the one that my Dh and M-i-L bought from her..

I have not given her a name yet but please meet my  "Mid-Arm"..we finally managed to build the table yesterday for it since my room is pretty small.  Josie's Mom had made a table but we had to do a little revision to it in order to get it in my room and now she sits until I can get her figured out...

I am truly blessed to have so many good friends & family and you are correct these are material things but without them I would still be blessed my friends and family are my heart and I thank them for thinking of me.  I hope you all enjoy your day.....

Good Morning...update

We are back from NJ and my Mother-in-Love is here with us.  We were very fortunate an had great traveling weather both ways and we did a lot of night time driving so smooth sailing, especially around Washington.  Nothing against Washington but if you have ever driven in their rush hour it is a  I did manage to get a picture of my Aunt Bobby on the rite and my M-I-L , Kathleen on the let me introduce you...
Next post I get to show you my lovely birthday presents from friends and family.....have a great day...

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

It is my day to "Pin IT" with a Give-a-way...Winner

Winner of the very cute owl Fabric is:

Marlene from Stitchin by the lake who said:: Both my daughters have curly hair so you know that one                                                                                  is my favorite! :) blessings, marlene

Marlene please send all your info to me at sgriff57(at)comcast(dot)net so I can mail your fabric to you!

Now I will go see all of the wonderful pincushions that I have been missing.

Note:  Good Morning everyone..well it is Saturday and I am just getting my computer back from being and realize that I have over 1000 emails and will be doing a mass delete.  I am trying to get back to everyone that has left a message here on my pins but if you have not received an email please do not feel slighted there are so many and I may not be able to.  Why you might ask well we have had a change in occupants here at the Griffith house and my m-i-l will be coming to live with us but first we have to go to Cape May, NJ to pick her up, which is about a 14 hour trip one way so I have to prepare to do that in the next 6 days.
But thank you so much for all your wonderful trip to Paducah was wonderful and Karen and Fran love their pincushions, since Karen was driving her Hooter which is what she has named her's had a place of honor on the  I tried to explain why not to call it "hooter" but she wouldn't listen....
Sandi also loved hers...which I was very happy about and I will have tons of pics I took from the trip posted at some point this week...the plantation well all I can say is it touched my heart.
I will pull the winner by Sunday evening since I am not sure of when we will be leaving to go there yet.  Have a great day and here comes the fall...yeah!

Again " thank you" all for your wonderful comments it is so nice to be in our blog land and have so many blog friends....I appreciate every one of them...

Good very early morning to everyone!  Are you ready for more pincushions?  
First let me thank  Madame Samm who picks all these delicious bloghops and  Kristen who is our head cheerleader  in our  "Pin IT" Pincushion blog Hop and has done some wonderful hard work to get and keep us all on the same page...thanks Kristen.  Following is a list of very creative people who also share this day with me.  Please join them and leave a comment.  I am sure they would love to hear from everyone.
OK so now I will get on with the show.  I decided to make 4 pincushions and they were so much fun to make.  I wanted to make one for a birthday present; 2 for a road trip that I am going on with 2 friends of mine to Paducah and wanted them to have a little "forget me not" gift and then one for my sewing machine....First I will introduce Sandi:

I love the look of the Victorian era and similar . When I thought about Sandi's and what I was going to make her for her birthday I was thinking of her sewing studio and I just wanted to add something pretty and lacey and delicate.  She is a petite lady but strong, creative and always on the go.   So maybe when she passes her studio she can look into it and see how pretty it is and have ah ha moment.   This is sitting on about 12 crazy quilt blocks of mine and a bed of silk ribbon, most of it hand dyed and when you get into crazyquilting you just cannot help but want to use the silk ribbons and alcohol inks for dyeing your lace which is what I done here.  I am beginning to really like orange so there is a bit of orange in the pincushion itself so I used the inks in orange to dye the pure white lace.  I hope she enjoys it as much as I did making it for her...

Now let me introduce you to Fran and Karen:

 I have always wanted to go to Paducah, KY  and the museum there is having a civil war quilt presentation that I would love to see.  Karen wanted to also see it plus a few historical places so she invited Fran and I to go along.  We are all history buffs so we may get to stop off in Franklin, TN also where one of the bloodiest battles of the civil war took place.  There was a book written on it and it you ever want to read an interesting book on the civil war, I would have to recommend this one...The Widow of the South by Robert Hicks..Anyway I see Fran as black and white and to the point but very fun to be around and I see Karen as very earthy and girlie so we went with a multi green and polka dot pink for her,.  And when you put the both together I just thought they were charming..

and Me!

And this one is a little one for my machine.  I wanted something small I could attach to the corner of my machine because I am forever leaving my little scissors under the quilt or table and the pins the same thing so I thought well if I could attach one to my machine with Velcro when I am there it would be great.  So she has a little pocket on the back for the scissors and curly hair just like me.
Thank you all for staying with me all this time and visiting me.  And as a thank you since I am in to owls lately I will give away a half of yard of this very cute owl fabric.  Just leave a comment.  And I will choose a winner by the end of the week.   Oh and it just so happens my Paducah trip started on Monday of this week and I will not be home till this evening so I will be connecting back with you all sometime during the rest of the week.
I have truly enjoyed this hop so Thank you Madame Samm for having me and thank you to all of you for reading about my pincushion journey....

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Coming Soon....Pincushion Blog Hop

Starting on September 10th Madame Samm from Sew We Quilt presents Kristen who is our head cheerleader  in our  "Pin IT" Pincushion blog Hop.  Following is our list of  creators and their day to show off their creativity.  So please join us won't you there may be a give a way or two or maybe a tutorial on that special pincushion or that ah-ha moment  when you see it you think that is what I want to make as a Christmas gift or whatever...just stop in and visit maybe leave a comment and say "hello" we will be waiting for you...

September 10

September 11

September 12

September 13

September 16

September 17

Monday, September 2, 2013

Bonnie Hunters's Yard Sale - Vintage sewing machine....

Good morning to everyone!! Bonnie Hunter Yard Sale  Please click the link and it will take you to Bonnie's yard sale and all though I have been preparing for a birthday family gathering for later this afternoon, I was going to post this on ebay but would much rather have the personal connection that you can have with a Bonnie Hunter yard sale. I am just posting a note here to anyone that might be interested in buying a 1924 Vintage sewing machine that is a beauty.  I bought the sewing machine from a one time owner about 3 years ago and have used it a couple times myself.  It has a lovely straight stitch  and it is in beautiful condition..I still have the lock for the case and all.  I did send away for information on it from singer and do have the letter they sent back with it saying that it is a model 128 and manufactured on March 19th 1924 in Elizabeth, NJ.  If you are interested and would like more pics on it just let me know but here are a few..
Sold...I wish I had about 5 more, thank you for all the responses..I will miss her!

Since we have down-sized I really do not have allot of room  and it sits on a shelf under key and I really would also like to get some medical bills down that I acquired last year.  If you are really interested in it just shoot me an email at sgriff57(at)comcast(dot)net...I am asking 250.00 for it not to include the shipping.  Have a wonderful labor day and stay safe.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

My Daughters table runner

I finally finished the binding on my daughters table runner and her rope basket.  Leigh-Anne's whole house is beige, creams, black and other colors brought in through baskets, spices, fruits etc.  She loves lines so that is the background and it was wonderful to work with.  I also used Kate Spain's fabrics and a Kona for the binding.
Also she loves the rope baskets  and I did make her a creamy one for her living room but she always loved this one that I had which is dark blues with other colors mixed.  Her bedroom is blue so I did make her one for her bedroom that is a mixture of blue, greens, purples some reds mostly Kona solids but there are some prints in there.....anyway I think she will be happy with it....Enjoy your wonderful holiday weekend...

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sneek Peek

Here is a sneak peek at a few things I am working on for our Pincushion blog hop that will be happening at "Sew We Quilt" starting on Sept. 10th and running through to Sept. 17th so please visit Madame Samm to see all the wonderful blog hops she offers.  Right now there is a Hexie one going on and since I have a few friends that are into doing hexies the eye candy is very inspiring and you will definitely get some ideas from this blog hop.......and if I don't chat with you before then I will see you on my pincushion day which is the 11th to see what I came up with for our pincushion swap....

Binding 2 cuddle quilts

Good morning!  I finished my one cuddle quilt and now just need to put the binding down.  And I never did find the owner of the other purple cuddle quilt so maybe I did do it all and just do not remember it from that time in my but I just need to finish that binding and I will be turning them into the guild.  I did want to post the pics now since I will not be able to make the meeting I must get them to someone who is going... These both will go to the Ronald McDonald House here in Chattanooga.  In doing the yellow one we were suppose to cut 3 different 1 yard pieces and we should have gotten 3 different quilts out of them but for some reason it did not happen that way for me.  I had to make the pieces fit so I got one and that was good enough for me.  I hope you have a great day. 

Monday, August 26, 2013

Today is National Honor your dog day!

So I wanted you all to meet our family pets.  The big one is Reilly and he is an American Pit Bull, he is 7 years old and what  a sweetheart he will sit on your lap if you let him....

There is Ms Sassie and boy did I ever get the name right for her.  She is my 2 year old Pomeranian and fits her name like a hand in a glove.

Actually our kids tell us we treat them like they are people but to us they are part of our family!  Have a good night all.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

One of the best things about summer...

Our little garden that we decided to grow in pots this year is in full bloom and we have been getting tomatoes, green/sweet and jalapeno peppers and our Rose of Sharon is in full bloom.  This is one of the things I love about summer and miss very much during the winter.  You cannot beat fresh fruit and veggies....Enjoy your day!