Monday, September 30, 2013

Birthday,,oh what a day.

I had a wonderful birthday this year filled with very lovely presents and a special one from my DH and M-i-L...Please let me show you them.

This I got from my friend Linda and I love caring is so convenient and a wonderful she also made me finger less gloves which I have been wanting forever with a little scarf to go with it.. 
Then my friend Sandi gave me what is called a "nestament" which is what hummingbirds build their nests out of.  It is made from all natural materials but I have decided it will stay indoors at my a beautiful piece of fabric

Then my friend Karen gave me  one of her mugs that was made for her from the local museum at 5 points here in Cleveland TN and on it was her opportunity is gorgeous.

Another friend of mine. Josie,  gave me all kinds of wool and she actually dyed it right from the sheep plus a mixed bag of stuff to help me out with my next  present which is the one that my Dh and M-i-L bought from her..

I have not given her a name yet but please meet my  "Mid-Arm"..we finally managed to build the table yesterday for it since my room is pretty small.  Josie's Mom had made a table but we had to do a little revision to it in order to get it in my room and now she sits until I can get her figured out...

I am truly blessed to have so many good friends & family and you are correct these are material things but without them I would still be blessed my friends and family are my heart and I thank them for thinking of me.  I hope you all enjoy your day.....
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