Wednesday, September 11, 2013

It is my day to "Pin IT" with a Give-a-way...Winner

Winner of the very cute owl Fabric is:

Marlene from Stitchin by the lake who said:: Both my daughters have curly hair so you know that one                                                                                  is my favorite! :) blessings, marlene

Marlene please send all your info to me at sgriff57(at)comcast(dot)net so I can mail your fabric to you!

Now I will go see all of the wonderful pincushions that I have been missing.

Note:  Good Morning everyone..well it is Saturday and I am just getting my computer back from being and realize that I have over 1000 emails and will be doing a mass delete.  I am trying to get back to everyone that has left a message here on my pins but if you have not received an email please do not feel slighted there are so many and I may not be able to.  Why you might ask well we have had a change in occupants here at the Griffith house and my m-i-l will be coming to live with us but first we have to go to Cape May, NJ to pick her up, which is about a 14 hour trip one way so I have to prepare to do that in the next 6 days.
But thank you so much for all your wonderful trip to Paducah was wonderful and Karen and Fran love their pincushions, since Karen was driving her Hooter which is what she has named her's had a place of honor on the  I tried to explain why not to call it "hooter" but she wouldn't listen....
Sandi also loved hers...which I was very happy about and I will have tons of pics I took from the trip posted at some point this week...the plantation well all I can say is it touched my heart.
I will pull the winner by Sunday evening since I am not sure of when we will be leaving to go there yet.  Have a great day and here comes the fall...yeah!

Again " thank you" all for your wonderful comments it is so nice to be in our blog land and have so many blog friends....I appreciate every one of them...

Good very early morning to everyone!  Are you ready for more pincushions?  
First let me thank  Madame Samm who picks all these delicious bloghops and  Kristen who is our head cheerleader  in our  "Pin IT" Pincushion blog Hop and has done some wonderful hard work to get and keep us all on the same page...thanks Kristen.  Following is a list of very creative people who also share this day with me.  Please join them and leave a comment.  I am sure they would love to hear from everyone.
OK so now I will get on with the show.  I decided to make 4 pincushions and they were so much fun to make.  I wanted to make one for a birthday present; 2 for a road trip that I am going on with 2 friends of mine to Paducah and wanted them to have a little "forget me not" gift and then one for my sewing machine....First I will introduce Sandi:

I love the look of the Victorian era and similar . When I thought about Sandi's and what I was going to make her for her birthday I was thinking of her sewing studio and I just wanted to add something pretty and lacey and delicate.  She is a petite lady but strong, creative and always on the go.   So maybe when she passes her studio she can look into it and see how pretty it is and have ah ha moment.   This is sitting on about 12 crazy quilt blocks of mine and a bed of silk ribbon, most of it hand dyed and when you get into crazyquilting you just cannot help but want to use the silk ribbons and alcohol inks for dyeing your lace which is what I done here.  I am beginning to really like orange so there is a bit of orange in the pincushion itself so I used the inks in orange to dye the pure white lace.  I hope she enjoys it as much as I did making it for her...

Now let me introduce you to Fran and Karen:

 I have always wanted to go to Paducah, KY  and the museum there is having a civil war quilt presentation that I would love to see.  Karen wanted to also see it plus a few historical places so she invited Fran and I to go along.  We are all history buffs so we may get to stop off in Franklin, TN also where one of the bloodiest battles of the civil war took place.  There was a book written on it and it you ever want to read an interesting book on the civil war, I would have to recommend this one...The Widow of the South by Robert Hicks..Anyway I see Fran as black and white and to the point but very fun to be around and I see Karen as very earthy and girlie so we went with a multi green and polka dot pink for her,.  And when you put the both together I just thought they were charming..

and Me!

And this one is a little one for my machine.  I wanted something small I could attach to the corner of my machine because I am forever leaving my little scissors under the quilt or table and the pins the same thing so I thought well if I could attach one to my machine with Velcro when I am there it would be great.  So she has a little pocket on the back for the scissors and curly hair just like me.
Thank you all for staying with me all this time and visiting me.  And as a thank you since I am in to owls lately I will give away a half of yard of this very cute owl fabric.  Just leave a comment.  And I will choose a winner by the end of the week.   Oh and it just so happens my Paducah trip started on Monday of this week and I will not be home till this evening so I will be connecting back with you all sometime during the rest of the week.
I have truly enjoyed this hop so Thank you Madame Samm for having me and thank you to all of you for reading about my pincushion journey....

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