Monday, September 2, 2013

Bonnie Hunters's Yard Sale - Vintage sewing machine....

Good morning to everyone!! Bonnie Hunter Yard Sale  Please click the link and it will take you to Bonnie's yard sale and all though I have been preparing for a birthday family gathering for later this afternoon, I was going to post this on ebay but would much rather have the personal connection that you can have with a Bonnie Hunter yard sale. I am just posting a note here to anyone that might be interested in buying a 1924 Vintage sewing machine that is a beauty.  I bought the sewing machine from a one time owner about 3 years ago and have used it a couple times myself.  It has a lovely straight stitch  and it is in beautiful condition..I still have the lock for the case and all.  I did send away for information on it from singer and do have the letter they sent back with it saying that it is a model 128 and manufactured on March 19th 1924 in Elizabeth, NJ.  If you are interested and would like more pics on it just let me know but here are a few..
Sold...I wish I had about 5 more, thank you for all the responses..I will miss her!

Since we have down-sized I really do not have allot of room  and it sits on a shelf under key and I really would also like to get some medical bills down that I acquired last year.  If you are really interested in it just shoot me an email at sgriff57(at)comcast(dot)net...I am asking 250.00 for it not to include the shipping.  Have a wonderful labor day and stay safe.


Cathy said...

I am very interested in your machine. Please email me at

Gene Black said...

That is gorgeous Sharon, I wish I had room for it.