Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Words to myself

Well I am posting a note to myself so I can come back and read it time and time again...when I need it.  I enjoy my guilds and groups so much because they are just the type of people that I love to be around.  I belong to quilt guilds and groups, fiber art groups and sewing guilds.  To me, other than my family, we are the best people to be around.  In my opinion we are creative, knowledgeable, understanding, forthright, we love to share and help other people.  We love to make for those less fortunate and there are many other adjectives and verbs I could think of to use but if you are reading this than you already know them but one major thought about others in this area.... we love to SMILE and HUG and sometimes that is all someone needs to make their day.  What has led me to writing this post is, as some of you know, lately I have been rather housebound to a certain degree until a few personal things are worked out and since I have been partially housebound I have been cleaning up or out or reorganizing my Stuff!    Boy oh boy do I have allot of stuff so I am thinking about this year coming up and since I really have accomplished so much in the last month or so (some things I cannot reveal due to being presents from Santa) I think what I am thinking is maybe taking a few of my groups/guilds and taking a hiatus just for who knows 6 months to a year to really work on getting some of my own stuff done without putting the pressure on myself to feel like I need to do everything that each group/guild is doing.  Also I had a friend, Linda who use to come over once a week, when I had a larger sewing room and we would just stitch and talk together maybe treat ourselves to a lunch once in awhile and I really do miss that.  We could not stay in my sewing room, I don't think anyway but we could use the l/r or something just to have our quality time back.  I think she misses it too well at least I hope she misses it and we could get back to it after the first of the year.  I also have another friend, Vicky  that would also like to join in every now and again.  What better thing than to share your time and your hobbies with your friends.
I generally do not post a "what I am thinking" post but you know way back when I first started this blog that is what it was suppose to be for and every now and again I did post a personal note but I must be changing or something is going on with me because I feel the need to really start connecting through putting pen to paper or fingers to  See there is something else allot of you do not know about me;  I use to write all the time since I was oh I guess about 11 years old.  I have journals and journals up until oh I guess I was around 30 and then I stopped for personal reasons I guess but anyway these are my thoughts right now and where ever they lead I am looking forward to bringing in the New Year with friends and family......enjoy your day!
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