Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ghastlie Blog Hop

Yes I was one of the 54 and now there are none. Yep I fell pray to ghastlie happenings when Madame Samm and her "54" went to print. My computer caught a ghastlie bug and my sewing machine bent over backwards to help me finish my ghastlie projects but to know avail......but what my sewing machine could not finish I tried free handing, twitching my nose and all sorts of stuff just to finish and believe you me I had a ghastlie time of it. Now our fearless leader just loves hand stitching but I tell you it is just ghastlie, just ghastlie!!!
In all seriousness I had a good time putting my projects together and when I could had a wonderful time reading all my sista's ghastlie projects. If you click on my side bar you can go there and still look at all the things that were created by a ghastlie group of women who joined their leader and had a wonderful time with just one line of Alexander Henry's Ghastlie was awesome to watch unfold....Thank you Madame Samm for including me in this endeaver and I am a day late, I apologize it was not meant to be......Now let me see if I can get some ghastlie photos of my projects that did get done.. No pictures are not meant to be showed yet...I can see them they are on this computer but blogger does not see them...back to the srawing board...goodnight!
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