Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I have had a BLOG OVERHAUL !!!!!!! Yeah!

Oh and I could not be happier.  Yes I was given a new outlook for the New Year by Madame Samm and itsn't it just lovely.  I am so pleased.  I was kind of getting bored of going into it myself let alone asking friends to go and sit a spell. 
I know after talking with  Madamme Samm that it was a mess and I do believe it.  I promise her and myself to try and keep it that way.  I think I have just went back and read some of my old stuff that I entered when I first started blogging because I felt like sitting there and  reading my own blog, how about that!  She is a super sweet  and gracious lady and I appreciate her very much for cleaning up my mess...so to speak.
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