Friday, March 8, 2013

Modern Mosaic Quilt Guild block

We are working on a challenge this year in our Modern Quilt Guild.  We are going to do a 12.5" quilt block every month we are starting out with an easier one and as the year progresses it will be more challenging.  This month we were doing a block called Modern Mosaic and if you go to this link she does a wonderful tutorial on it  This months called for a larger block and we can add to the pile of blocks that were handed in and whole point of that is to give all those that turned in a chance to win the blocks.  I have not finished that one yet but hope to before this evening ends so I will have one to turn in because this one is too add to my own that is why I made it a 12.5 so help me keep my fingers crossed that I get my other one done in time.  But here it is and I really enjoyed doing this also..have a great night


sandiqltr said...

Love your Mod Mosaic Block. These are so much fun to make!

Linda said...

Great block! Awesome scrapbuster.