Saturday, March 16, 2013

Happy International Quilt Day!

Good Morning everyone and I wish you all have a wonderful quilt day!  Wow are we lucky to have this wonderful day to celebrate what we love to do or what?  There are parties all over the blog-isphere, which I hope to attend some of them:  Sew-Cal, IHAN,The Quilt show, Sew-we-Quilt and they are always having a party just to name a few.
As for me I will be spending the morning with a few Ladies that meet up once a month to just share and care and quilt.  I decided I was going to celebrate this day by trying something I have never tried before which is coloring with crayons on fabric.  I have my supplies together to go with me and will post a pic of what I am taking with me and then the results when I come home.  I will also be doing some admin stuff for our local modern quilt group that shouldn't take that long and then back to my sewing room to work on a few other things like a mug rug and catch up on some blocks for my LQS quilt I am doing this year..  No I do not have any plans for doing anything at home today except to stitch.  So that is my day and hopefully I will get some pics done on what all I did get finished on our day of celebrating.
How about you what are some of your plans for today!!!!  Whatever they are I hope you get to enjoy the day.
My project started out with this        
And this was after.  I used Crayola crayons on it and just ironed all the wax out and worked great

I also finished my large bag by putting the ties on it and added the flap to the top  and board to the bottom of it and  the day is still young but I do need to squeeze a little nap in ...hope you are having a great day.

I hope whatever you did you manage to be with some friends or was able to get some stitching in just to celebrate this awesome occasion.  You know at one time we never had such a I aging myself now or what?


Saskia Smit said...

I just wait and see...

Cindy said...

Happy International Quilting day to you too! I've done a few quilty projects with crayons before and enjoyed the soft look they gave. Looks like you had fun too.

SewCalGal said...

I certainly enjoyed having you join the virtual sew-cial to celebrate International Quilting Day. Love your crayon project too! Super cute.