Monday, March 11, 2013

I do Nancy Drew did you?

Yeah it is finally my turn to do the Nancy Drew fun day!

First off I wanted to know a little more about the Nancy Drew books and such so I went to  Wikipedia to get a little more info and some of this I found to be interesting so just in case some of you are interested this is what I found out:
1)  The mystery series was originally published by Edward Stratemeyer in 1930 as a very young detective.
2)  Then in 1959/60 she was revised to be a less assertive and  more feminine character.
3)  In 1980 she went under another  new revision as much older and more professional....under the title the Nancy Drew Files.
To find out some more facts about The Nancy Drew books please go to Wikipedia *just click*

Now for some fun facts:
What color is Nancy's hair in the original series?...........Titian Blonde
How old was Nancy in the original series?..........16
What was Caolyn Keene's favorite book?.........The Hidden Staircase
What was the original Carolyn Keene's name and how old was she when she died in 2002?..... Mildred Augustine Wirt Benson she was 96

Ok, Ok I am getting on with this but I found some of this very interesting for the fun facts just click

A big "thank you" goes to  Carol  and  Madame Samm for heading this wonderful blog hop...I like many other people held onto fabric waiting for inspiration to hit and then I remembered a good friend of mine who has a movie/game/book/craft night once a month and always sits out different snacks for everyone to have so there is where I started.  To give you an idea of how it turns from dinner night to fun night I have posted a few picks of my table which is similar to her's  and then what I have done for her to change it up a little bit.
this is what my table always looks like and then this is
the table-runner I made now I was going to make place mats to go with it until I saw someone make trays something like these that I made but mine are a little different and I cannot remember who was making  the ones that were similar but if you are reading this please let me know so I can give you kudos for giving me the idea.  So I made 2 serving trays that you can either keep for using in your sewing room for the little stuff we have by our sewing machine or for chocolates and such for movie night...I made one in green and one in blue.
then I had to make a hot plate pad for the hot dish of cheese & salsa
and spread it out because this is how she sets up her table with magazines, wii, books, cards, candies, and dvd's..

then since this is a very long note, thanks for sticking with me,  here they are all together
I do want to say"thank you " for joining me today and please join my other detectives and see what they have in store for you but first let me post a little give a way.  If you would like to have a chance to have your own little kit to make yourself a tray let me know in your comment and I will put your name in a hat and have DH pull a name out after this hop, this one is set with a red background..
Here are my partners in this mystery for today and remember just have fun...thanks for attending the show!
Monday, March 11, 2013 

UPDATE:  Since so many have inquired on where I got my fabric tray idea.  I can tell you that I got the idea from here although mine are a little different the basics are the same.  I did not leave my folds out I sewed them in to give it a box look and I top stitched along the edge of the bottom to make them more firm on the bottom  So take a look and make it your own.  Hope this helps.  If I get time I will do a tutorial on them later in the week.  They really are fun and quick to make and in any size you like.  also I was just informed from Linda over at  that she has done similar ones also and I just checked and she has a wonderful tutorial on them so please check her out also...thanks Linda I kind of like those myself with the handles and all.  I will be making some of those, appreciate it.

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