Monday, January 20, 2014

Good Morning and updating

Just wanted to drop in and say Hello....Well I am well on my way  to having a full house of boxes.  Since the move is scheduled for the end of the month, I am in my sewing room and trying to get that finished up now.  It is hard for me myself to wrap around the thought of moving again but since we moved my mother-in-love  in this is just not a handicap friendly environment and that is what she definitely needs.  She has something   called Renauyds  syndrome and they are trying to find the right medications for her but anything she takes at this point will take a month to really work.  She cannot use a walker here since she cannot get around the boxes so the time for moving is now and they will be here on the 28th and 29th to do just that.  Not moving far just about 25 minutes away but it is handicap accessible and a beautiful location so all are happy in the end.  So I have managed to get a few things done but not much since this New Year started but hopefully changes are a coming.  Take care my friends and I will post when all is done.....I hope your New Year has started off on a wonderful note and all is well in your neck of the neighborhood.......
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