Sunday, February 16, 2014

Yeah we are in!!!!!

Good very early Morning to you all.  With this last storm that seemed to hit so many, I hope this note finds you all well and warm.  We are finally in and I can take a very early morning minute to say "hello" and thanks for sticking with me.
As you all are aware we have been through so many changes in a short period of time that I was having a time myself keeping it all together but we are finally in our new home and I still have tons of boxes to unpack but the major rooms (Kitchen and sewing room) are together...well still have a few boxes but getting closer than not.  Here are a few pics of the  new place and sewing room.  I think after this weekend I will  start a project I have been waiting to do and catch up on a few things that I have had waiting in the wings. Hope to be posting again very soon...take care and stay safe!  

Since my M-i-L has come to live with us this house was perfect since it is handicap accessible already.  Which really comes in handy since my m-i-l is considered high risk for falls.  It has been almost 2 months since I have been with any of my quilty friends or guilds/groups all but one and I am missing them so very after this weekend whether the house is all together or not I am getting back into what makes me happy...see you all soon!

2 comments: said...

Cute house, and Oh the snow on the trees is gorgeous. Glad you are settling in.

sandiqltr said...

Yes, it is time for you to shut the door and go have some creative time with your quilty friends!!! The boxes will not leave home without you. Days are numbered in all of our lives and I prefer to spend those days with people, not chores to do and lists to complete. Glad you are in - at least partway.