Friday, January 10, 2014

I hope everyone's New Year has been wonderful so far...

Just stopping in to say "Hello"  and hoping your 10 days into the New Year have been wonderful so far.  They have been very busy over here.  I am trying to learn windows 8 since Santa was wonderful to me and brought me a new computer for Christmas which I so appreciate but windows 8 was getting on my last nerve ...but it is getting a little better at the moment.  For those who do not know we have moved my M-i-Law in with us and we are all adjusting to that,,,  I do have a few things I have been working on but have to figure out how to get them into windows 8 so I can post them,  But a friend will be helping me on Monday so after that hopefully it will not be so hard for me to get around.  Take care of yourself and make it wonderful!
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