Monday, August 12, 2013

Pizza Box Block

I guess it won't hurt to post my pizza block now since guild is Wednesday.  In one of my guilds we are doing a pizza block exchange.  It is where anyone who wants to be involved puts 6 pcs. (1) yard each in a pizza box.  Then one of our leaders has
written a mystery and we get basically a chapter a month.  After she reads that chapter there is a hint of which block we are to do that month, for instance this month it was pinwheels.  Everyone does a pinwheel in whomever's  box they have and then we have show and tell and the boxes are rotated to the next person.  It has been really fun and everyone seems to be enjoying it and all the blocks are wonderful.  This month I had Rachel's and of course she has a golden, yellowish batik, yum......I just had to use it then I chose 2 other fabrics she had and this is her is called "Rangers Pride", have a great night....

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sandiqltr said...

That is a neat block!