Monday, August 12, 2013

New Color Study class

I started my new Color Study class over at Craftsy today with a friend of mine.   She has us painting on index cards and the first part of the class was using yellow and blue to get to turquoise.  It was allot of fun and at first I really didn't think that the painting on the index cards was necessary but I do have to say that seeing the colors as you added just a tad bit of blue each time was a real eye opener for me.  I am a visual learner but I really didn't think that the painting part was going to make a big difference but I was really surprised at how the colors changed and all of a sudden we had shades of  green and then  shades of blue it was a good time and a great experience so I will continue with the painting lessons first as she suggest.  Here is a sample of what we did from yellow & blue.
Oh if anyone is interested on my side panel on your left is the class I am taking "Color Play" at Craftsy just click on it for more info....have a great night...

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