Monday, August 5, 2013

On a more serious note:

In cleaning out my sewing room, and yes there are a few areas I didn't get to like in the chest and all that but I did come across one thing that might be of importance to someone.  This baby quilt it is 39" square and mainly teal and purple.  Here is a pic

The reason I am showing this is because many of you know that I had chemo and radiation last year.  There are times when I still have what they call "chemo fog" which is from what I understand due to the many drugs involved with all the drugs, my memory does not work with some words and actually some things that went on right before all the drugs and during.  It is getting better but from what I have heard it will be awhile and since I am a diabetic it might be longer.  It is pretty frustrating sometimes but I am trying to deal with it.  Any way this is not meant to be a whiny note to you all it is meant to be a happy note for someone, I hope!  I do not remember anything about this quilt.  I do not remember making it, these are not my usual colors,  There is an octagon that is appliqued in the center (which looks pretty kool) but this is not my doing at all.  Now I have asked a few close friends that were around me then if they remember me doing it and they said no, so here it my question.  During that time some people gave me there baby quilts to bind cause it did not take much energy and I could complete that task but this one I do not remember anything.  I can tell you that not all the binding is stitched down which I will complete but I need to know who to give it back to.  I know some of  our guild members read my blog so I am posting a pic of it here first and then I will think of a next step if I do not get anywhere here.....thanks for taking the are appreciated!
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