Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Shake your PomPom's Day & a give a-way!

First I have to say that I only have done 2 things with pom poms and that was for a costume along time ago so I racked my brain trying to think of what to do.  The only other person that I know of that really enjoys having them was my grandbaby, Phalynn so this is what I made for her with her help of course.  I think we  have a little creative person inside of this little girl.
Thanks to Thearica for being a wonderful cheerleader and Madame Samm for always stretching our creative side....

First I wanted to make Phalynn a summer dress which is what I did and she loves it.  She wanted the pom poms a little bigger but her Daddy had an opinion on that one so we went with the little pom poms....

then she needed a head band to match and she wanted all the colors in her dress so we painted the headband blue glitter because she also likes bling and this is what we came up with oh and she needs a hanger to match her dress plus now grandmom is in the process of making a purple one, pink one and blue one, but they are not finished yet.....Phalynn also wanted her lite switch in her room changed so why not pom poms.  Her room is Pink, purple and white so we covered her lite switch.

I  also made her a summer patch quilt in the same colors but not adding pom poms to it so it did not count for here.
So due to this swap Phalynn is a very happy little girl and why not she loves dresses and the color pink.  Here is a pic of them all together and then my sweet 4 year old grand daughter Phalynn..
Please visit the other ladies who joined me today and I love give a ways so how about 3 Spring like FQ's,  I have not picked them yet but they will be pretty...I will not get back to anyone during the day as I am having surgery as most of you are reading this but it is day surgery and hopefully I will be awake by this evening and home to cheer all my co-bloggers and say hello to all that have commented...have a wonderful day.
April 25

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