Thursday, April 11, 2013

Just a little update....

Good Morning!  I just wanted those to know this little tidbit.  Since I am a joiner of BOM's and blog hops I might be out of commission for a little bit.  On the 25th I have to have the finger that I broke on my right hand back in August, re-broke!  I know it is an ouch and I really am trying to not think about it that much.  But I am right handed and have not been able to do that much hand stitching or really use my right hand for much of anything.  So according to the hand specialist if i ever want to use it again I need to get this done, so I am.  I will never really be able to make a fist again or close my hand tightly but I will be able to use it, so that being said....I just wanted you all to know....Have a great day and it is suppose to be a stormy day here in Chattanooga.....hope no matter what the weather is where you are, your day is filled with sunshine!

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