Saturday, April 20, 2013

A beautiful Sunrise was gifted to us..

We had a wonderful time at a retreat that was put together by our friend Sandi Suggs and 147 pics later I have to tell you one of the best retreats I was ever on.  It was held in Scottsboro, AL, our little getaway was held at the Grand Oaks Retreat and there were 14 of us connected by needle, fabric and  thread joined with old  friends and  even made new friends, I ask you what is better than that?    We had such a wonderful time in the 3+ days we spent together.  I will post more photos later in the week but we were given such a special gift by God for our last day there that I had to share the pics.  These were taken about 5:03 AM and there after...please enjoy and remember to look around you for we have an abundance of natural beauty all around us.

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