Thursday, April 18, 2013

April Shower's We have a winner....

Gina if you will send me your info I will get my little gift out to you!!!
          Some of what Gina has said was she needs to have a little fun!!!!!

Well Gina I hope you do get to have some fun and get back to coloring.....

First let me say  "thank you" to  Erin for being our cheerleader and putting this wonderful blog hop together also  to Madame Samm for always keeping us on our toes and opening our eyes to new and inspiring ways to show our creative side.
If you read my blog you know that I have been trying new methods to work on fabric and recently I tried coloring on fabric with crayon and I just love it but in all honesty I have tried 3 different crayons 2 were generic and then crayola.  All 3 times the crayola came out on top.  The other two faded the more I ironed it.  And you have to iron it to get the wax out so it can be washed. ( no affiliation just use of product)
What you do is decide on your pattern and simply color it pretty heavily like saturated with color.  I then ironed it on brown paper bags, oh I guess about 5 times or maybe 6 until all the wax is out and there is no more showing on the paper bag.  Then to make sure you can wash it or sit something wet on it in this case you hand wash it which is what I have done and the color looks wonderful, I think.  So without further  commenting here is my 2 mug rugs that I decided to do:
When I first read about this theme I thought of an umbrella with a pair of boots and then a beautiful bright flower and that is exactly what I colored and here they are:

I couldn't resist putting them in the flower bed because that means that warmer weather has finally reached Chattanooga!
and then here is a closer shot of each one.
You cannot see what I wrote and then stitched over because I used a peach color thread but it just says April showers bring beautiful flowers!

this one I drew the umbrella and boots on there and colored then stitched around them in black, used a stitch off of the sewing machine to make raindrops and puddles

All in all it was allot of fun and I am all about fun these days!
Now for the giveaway:  
how about  a box of Crayola crayons and a pack of 2.0 finished thangles.  This way you get to have some fun and color too.
Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting with me.  I have an early appointment and will not be back until afternoon so I will try to peek in if I can before then but please enjoy this last day of our very fun hop.  Here is our schedule for our last day!
Thursday April 18
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