Thursday, March 22, 2012

To all my Dear friends you have become like family

I am going to post this on my blog only because I initially sent out emails and did forget to let a few know and I really felt bad about it so I am only going to post about it now because I know all the details and wanted you all to know to.  You have all become like a second family to me and it has helped knowing that you all are pulling for me.
On Feb. 29th I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin s lymphoma now I know it is Stage 2- A and it is in my upper stomach and lower back.  Not sure what the A stands for yet but I will eventually.  as of today I have went thru 2 days of chemo.  The mass is my stomach is the size of a baseball and the ones in my back are half that size.  The reason it was so long is because I tend to have allergic reactions to chemicals and they were taking it slow to make sure I did not have any reactions and I am happy to say as of now I have had no reactions.  I will have treatments every 3 weeks and then need to have radiation also.  I cannot tell you honestly that I am not scared, cause I am, but with all of you and my own family you have helped me get this far and I cannot thank you enough.  My plan is to take every day as it comes and deal with that day.  I will keep stitching, by machine when I can and then hand when I can't use a machine.  You are all very special to me and I appreciate everyone of you.  Take care and be good to yourself.....Now on to more fun things...
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