Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The court...

Well we finally got home around 7:00/ We started at court at 9 this morning and got out of there around 4:40 and then home after dropping this one off and picking up that one. BUT it was worth it...Gene has transition custody of Phalynn which means for 5 weeks she will be with him for 5 days and then the other 2 still with her other grandmother as this will make it easier for her and her 5 yr old brother to slowly ajust to them living away from each other, which I think is very good for both of them. But what a day. I cannot tell you how this experience with Phalynn and Dayton recently have been eye openers. I expect everything to have cracks but this was just unbelievable. And this is totally my opinion. Tomorrow I will pick some of her stuff up and her for this stretch of the healing process to begin for all.

Ok enough already let the healing all the way around begin. Thanks again for all the well wishes they were really appreciated.
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