Saturday, April 2, 2011

Working with Orange, blue & Purple..

Our challenge this month with our challenge group was working with primarily orange then blue and purple. We could use any shades and a little of some other color. So what I did was

decided to try to put in fabric a Tennessean' dream of a I made the field out of orange and the post and yd lines blue. Then added mountains using fabric, texture magic and fabric paint. the sky was all shades of blue and was a challenge to only use those colors but all in all I think it came out ok. I used a white marking pen for the numbers and I wished that I did not but it was already too late so I will know next time that it is not good to use for something like that. For the TN Vols I tried just stitching it in blue but did not look dark enough so then I used fabric paint....
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