Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My quilted Jacket

Morning all!  Well it is finally finished....I started this quilted jacket about a year ago and never finished it.   It was a sweatshirt first and so I opened it up and  I used 2" strips then quilted it all down and this is the result.   Since I have been trying to get my house back together, since my son and his family have moved into their own home, I found all of these unfinished projects and decided that I was going to finish them.  Well in truth there are quite a few of them so the ones I want to finish I will and the others I won't and I will donate to charity.  I even forgot that I started some of these.  To give you an idea of how topsy- turvey things have been you will never believe what I did.  I had a gift that I needed to mail out back in April and here I thought I had but I didn't it was packed in with the stuff my son was taking to his house.  I hope she will understand and not think to bad of me..but I will email her today and get it right out...enjoy

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