Sunday, May 30, 2010

A horrible experience and warning to please be careful

It is with very raw feelings at this moment in time that I feel I have to post this message so hopefully others out there will be careful.
I went to the store last evening and got to the register to pay for my item and my bank card would not be accepted as a debit or credit.  So I just told the clerk to hold the items and I will go get the cash and be back just knowing that this was impossible I had just checked our account  in the morning and knew there was way more than enough in there to cover this purchase.  As I drove to the bank I called my husband to ask him if he made a large cash withdraw/purchase  that I did not know about, even though I knew that this was unlikely since we never do anything like that without discussing it first.  Of course he said he did not and to just go get the cash out and he would call the bank and just check it out.  In about 4 minutes he called me back and said to come straight home.  All the time I am thinking well what the hey is going on, I know we had to pay our house payment yet but other than that we just paid our other bills  on Thursday and there was enough in there to make our house payment and for the next few weeks to live on.  Little did we know that at 5: 28 pm someone had totally cleaned our account out.  We were and are devastated that someone out there thinks that they can just do this and get away with it.  Yes the bank has started a fraudulent claim and my card has been frozen but this does not help the situation at the moment because the fraud department is not open until Tuesday and the lady said that this will take 5 to 10 business working days to investigate and they do cover us for any nsf fees that occur and that we will get the money back pending the investigation.  At first we were just dumb struck and very sad and now I am just so mad I cannot even think straight.  Who prays on someone else's hard earned money to live their life????  What kind of person causes this kind of hardship on someone else????  I can think of some pretty awful names for this person but will stick with a coward, a thief, a person with no morals and certainly not a christian.
I am sorry that this is such a  negative post but we are just devastated and if my experience can help anyone else by making you all really check out your bank accounts then it is worth the post.  This has truly been a horrible experience and an eye opener for both my husband and myself.  All we know at this time is that it was somewhere in LaCinche, Province of Quebec and will no be able to get anything else until he bank opens on Tuesday.  So please take care everyone and yes it truly does happen.
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