Monday, May 17, 2010

Challenge Reveal

I belong to a group of about 20 women called "Challenging Ourselves" We are all about learning new techniques, putting thoughts into displays of art and just going outside our box.  Our very first challenge was called "hidden treasures" which in my mind could have been so many things.
What I chose was "words".  Because to me whenever I learned  something or read a book or anything words are involved.    Whenever you read a book it is really a hidden treasure because you have some idea of what the book is about but not in detail until you start reading the words.  So this is what I choose to do.
What I learned is how to basket weave my fabric, print on fabric, all the stitches my sewing machine has, how to thread paint (somewhat) and how to paint on fabric.  I think for such a small quilt, it is 18 x 26, I got the message acrossed.  I enjoyed doing this and am looking forward to our next challenge which will be "the four elements"  hmmmm sounds interesting.
Please check out our blog to see all the wonderful reveals and how such a few words was interpreted into many different pieces of art.
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