Monday, July 1, 2013

Stamp on It blog hop day #4

The winner for the Moda charm pack is none other then...Pat:

The Chattanooga Choo-Choo ... adorable! I love it. Thanks for sharing and for the chance to win, too ... :) Pat

Pat please email me with your info and I will get it out to you.....I have left you a message on your blog.

Thanks for stopping in everyone and have a wonderful holiday.....

What a wonderful hop this has been.  I really struggled with what I wanted to do.  Since I love shoes and handbags I was going to do that but then thought differently.  So what I did decide on was taking something from my state of TN  that most people are aware of here in Chattanooga and see if I could put it on a stamp.  Here is a little history on the Chattanooga ChooChoo:

Thanks to Thearica for being a wonderful cheerleader and Madame Samm for such a wonderful fun filled blog hop and being a great hostess also to our sponsors. Please go and visit with my fellow stampers today and let them know you were there.

I am assuming we all know the song "Chattanooga Choo-Choo which actually was song by allot of people;
for one Glenn Miller  put it to music back in the 40's which was about a train trip from Pennsylvania Station New York City through to the terminal Station in Chattanooga.  But what I did not know is that it was also sung by  many, many people such as; Andrews Sisters, Ray Charles, Harry Connick, Jr., The Muppets  and Elvis Presley just to name a few.

Per Wikipedia It was  a former railroad station, once owned and operated by the Southern Railway, listed on the National Register of Historic PlacesThe original Chattanooga Union Station was built in 1858 but continually was too small with the expansion of passenger  use and had to be rebuilt a few times.
The station was re-opened in 1909 and was the latest and largest station in Chattanooga's history.  After the decline of the railroad traffic in the 50's and 60's the last train to leave the station happened in 1970.  Then it was bought by local business's and renamed Chattanooga Choo Choo.  Today the 24 acre complex is a convention center, hotel resort with restaurants and shops.  You can stay in a half of a restored passenger railway car; the restaurant is in the terminal station itself.  And the "Dinner in the Diner" is the complex's fine dining venue housed in a restored 1938 Class A dining car.  There is much more info out there if anyone is interested.  After all this ( and thank you for staying with me)here is my little art quilt depicting the Chattanooga Choo Choo:

There is many layers to this 15" x 15" stamp.  I started with duck and added a coat of modge podge then layered the fabric for the scenery, ink dyed  it  to take some of the starkness out of it and quilted it.  I appliqued the train and tracks down used buttons for the wheels, angelina for the smoke from the stack on the train then added the state and stamp markings all in jacquard pearlesence paint.
If you stayed with me this long then you certainly deserve to be in a drawing of some kind .. Since the 4th of July is in a few days I will make this the prize for one lucky person at the end of the blog hop,..good luck and thanks for visiting..

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