Sunday, July 28, 2013

A better view of my sewing room.

Well I did take some pictures of my sewing room and I do have most of the piles straightened out and boy was it a mess.  Now please ignore the fabric areas because I am still working on those but my hands had enough and I just needed to not do anything with them for about a day and a half now so hopefully I will finish folding and straightening out the fabric areas by Tuesday.  If not I will be visiting my friend at her house again and I was trying to have her over here but we shall see I may need another week before I can do that but I am here is a peek at where I spend most of my fun time...have a goodnight all.  Most everything on the walls was either made for me, by me or I may have won on a blog.  The little pink one was made for me by my friend Brenda and it says "Be Happy", the  sewing machine quilt in the wall was made for me by my friend Linda and the one over the chair was made for me by my friend Sandi .  I just cannot keep that one out right now since Sandi will be using it for a class she is doing but I wanted to add it to my fun room truly filled with things I love and people I care very much about like, friends, family and my blogging  family.   When I  have a rough day or down moment I come in my room and look around and know that I am truly blessed...thank you all very much!  Like I said please ignore the fabric shelves as they are getting cleaned out also and will be stacked everywhere in the room tomorrow...thanks for taking a peek.



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