Sunday, January 13, 2013

Yeah my first finish for 2013

I finally finished my Queen bee bag that I started in December.  I wanted a bag to hold the big rulers and long ones that you have to take to some classes.  The last class I took my long ruler to I dropped and it broke.  So before I take a class this year I wanted to make this one.  If you go here you will find the recipe  I hope you enjoy the pictures although the pics do not do it justice.  It really is a nice bag and I think I will get much use out of it.  So Polly thank you so much from Aunt Pollys Porch blog  since she was the creator.  I hope I did you proud!


sandiqltr said...

Sharon, this is really cute AND useful! You did a good job as usual. Also, I love the changes you have made to your blog background. I also see the Skill Builder button. Are you doing this BOM?

Love Of Quilts said...

You did a fine job of it...she would be proud of you.

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

That IS a great bag!