Saturday, January 26, 2013

My Brother...prayers please

I have a request if you care to help out.  My one and only Brother, Carl, is going in  to have at least a quad or could be 5 (which I do not even know what that is called) heart bypass surgery on Thursday the 31st of this month.  I know I have asked for my share of prayers and good Karma to be sent my way in the last year and you all have come through for me but now I ask if you could, would you please send them up or his way again for my brother.  He had a heart attack a few days before Christmas and after they did the scope it was determined that he was 70% blocked in almost all if not all.  He has never been in the hospital for anything and this was defiantly unexpected (well as it is for most people I would imagine) but for a first hospital stay I couldn't imagine anything worse either.  Anyway thanks so much I would appreciate it and I know he would also.  Have a great night.
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