Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Prayers for my Brother

Yesterday morning my brother called me and said he wasn't feeling well could I come over to take him to the hospital.  We live pretty close so I went over there, when we did his vitals I told him we needed to call an ambulance.  He gave me a little grief about it but gave in and I am so glad he did.  He was having a heart attack @ 49 years old.  I called my sister and Mother and they too came to the hospital.  I followed the ambulance and when we got there they took him in to have a catheization immediately.  When it was over Dr. Conn came out and said he will defiantly need a bypass that all his arteries were at least 50% but that he was not a candidate right now.  He said they would try to treat him orally for right now and keep a close watch on him until he was stronger.  The problem they are having is when they give him oral medicine to bring his blood pressure down it does not work they have to put him on a nitro drip in order to get it down.  Then they take him off the drip and it starts to go back up again so then it is a repeat back on the drip.  We will find out more today but if I could request a prayer from those who pray I would appreciate it and for those who do not if you could send him some good Karma I would appreciate it.  I will post an update when I know anything different and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Update:  12-19  This afternoon they did manage to find a mixture of blood pressure medicine that has worked to take him off of the nitro-drip.  It has worked for about 5 hours now so hopefully it will be the one.  Thank you all for your prayers they mean so very much!
He was also told that he will need to have a triple bypass at a later date....The doctor did not say when he just said that he will be monitored closely and given medicine to help make sure that his heart can heal a little bit before he goes into surgery.

Update 12-23  Mt brother is home just feeling worn out but better.  He will go in to have a triple bypass in the middle of February as long as he has healed some.  The docs and all of us really are hoping that no other events happen in between now and then to force the docs hand at doing it earlier than that.  Thank you all for you warm thoughts and wishes.

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