Friday, December 28, 2012

3 more days!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas mine was different this year in  a few ways  most were out of my hands but there was 2 that sadden me greatly and  that is all I will say on that matter....
You know I really want to go on a vacation.  I have never been on a vacation in all of my 38 yrs of wedded bliss but for the first time I really want to go on one, just a mini one.  But my DH is a home-body so if it happens I will have to go with a friend or family member or really when I think about it is a vacation so bad to take on your own???  For those of you that have been on one maybe you can tell me.  I am going to start taking my Christmas decorations down..  I usually do this on NY's day but maybe if I do it now all the old baggage will stay with last year and I can ring in the New Year nice and fresh.  I hope you all have a wonderful New Year and I hope you have many, many good things happen......
As far as stitching goes I am getting back to my "Easy Street" mystery quilt and seeing how far I can get considering I am still on the end of step 1.  Have a good night all.  I hate to post without any pictures so I will leave with one and this was a prototype of the few that I did for my daughter....
I will post where I got the instructions for these when I remember where I got them.  Maybe my daughter can help me out here since she sent me the original site or if there is anyone else out there that made them....night all.


  1. Vacations are fun with a friend or a family member, but I have gone on a few by myself that I have thoroughly enjoyed. I usually try to plan those around an event or some form of entertainment where I will be with others but not necessarily "with" others. There are some wonderful venues around here that offer great fun -- Dollywood this time of year; Franklin, TN, or even activities around the Biltmore. Another place I love is Helen, GA.

    You DEFINITELY need to get the decorations down and all the "baggage" packed before New Year's Day. Starting the year with a clean slate is how I like to do it!!

    Happy New Year to you, my sweet friend!!

    1. Thank you my friend for your opinion as always and there will be a time in April for us all to gather...Happy New Year!