Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Things are moving along

Just wanted you all to know that things are moving along.  I am in week 2 of radiation and it is really kicking my butt.  If truth be known the chemo and I got along better.  I am sick every day I take radiation which is 5 days a week and the meds do help some,  but not too much eating of normal food is happening.  I do not seem to be doing too much other than going to radiation and back and believe me there is just enough time for that.  Really longing for those days of being with my quilty friends and groups and they can not come too soon.  My last day of radiation at this point is set for June 18th and I am keeping my fingers to you all soon..Many hugs and gratitude for all the good thoughts and karma that have been sent my way.  I am truly blessed with wonderful family and friends.
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