Monday, February 13, 2012

Meet PINK!

Hey there, very good Monday to you!  In a group called grateful threads we are doing a theme a month no bigger than 12 x 12. The theme for February is Pink!  So in honor of Valentine's Day I made a 9 x 12 for my DH for Valentine's Day.  The name of it is "Bed of Roses"  since we like the Bon Jovi song that is what came to my mind.  What I did is layered a back, batting and muslin.  Painted the muslin and layered it with toole, then mixed a texture medium with pink and painted over it.  Then I stitched rose petals on, binded it and added the fun fur then added beaded champaign glasses and other beads.  The heart in the center was a bunch of little pieces of thread layered between two layers of water soluble then quilted and rinsed and added as the first layer of the heart.  THen I added the fun fur with the words on it and button holed it down....Happy Valentine's Day Honey!

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