Sunday, January 25, 2015

2 New classes I have started

Now you have to promise not to laugh but I have started 2 new classes this New Year the first one is a knitting class and I am hoping to lean how to do more than the knit and pearl stitch.  Our teacher actually started us out making a cable cast on and now we are into the next class which is following the is a pic so far

My next class is a drawing class and I really want to stop drawing stick people and learn to take it to another level.  Jackie is a wonderful teacher so here are a couple photos of our first class together.

In the beginning she had us draw an apple and cylinders so the first 2 are my drawings without any guidance and then the last 2 are done with Jackie teaching us perspective and shading with different marks and pencils..I think the second 2 are better and I had a wonderful time.  There are 4 of us in the class...2 of the ladies are much further advanced and then there is another friend of mine and me.
I will post updates as we go along...Thanks for taking a peek..

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