Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Good Tuesday Morning!

It has been longer than I thought since I have posted,  Thanks to everyone who has stuck with me.  I have been pretty busy getting the house settled and the M-i-L but see a clearing now but shhhhh I don't want to speak to soon.....lol  I have not really been able to spend too much time in my sewing room but have done a few things that I will post pictures of .  I hope to get in here much more now that things are starting to settle.
Chattanooga is hosting AQS  this September and I will talk about that more in another post but that puts all of us quilters here working on different projects to help  make this one of the best shows ever....
So for now here are a few little things I worked on to keep me sane during our recent move.  Please make it a wonderful day!!!1

I guess blogger added the photos the way they wanted and actually it is from oldest to the most recent.  These were ATC's I finished for Veronica's groups and the theme was words..
In our Chattanooga Modern Quilt guild we had a class on a "giganuous bag" and I know that is spelled wrong but let me say it is a very big bag and was  allot of fun to make.  There is a place on the internet with instructions and I will try to find it and get back to you if anyone is interested.

Also in CMQG I had the BOM and chose the wonky log cabin...it was fun to  make,  So now I add this to the wonky star and have 2 favorite fun blocks.  There is something about modern quilting that is "freeing" and I enjoy it.

These are the atc's that I done for March in Veronica's group and the theme was "Feet" so of course I choose to have that little penguin help me out....
I enjoyed posting again and hope to do it more often.  Thank you all so much for sticking with me....

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