Thursday, February 28, 2013

St. Paddy's Day PC

I have made a few St. Paddy's Day Post cards that I am swapping with a few friends and I wanted to post a pic of the second one I sent because I forgot to post a pic of the first  I almost forgot this one and already had it in its sleeve before I remembered so I hope you like it.

I wish I would have remembered to take it before I was walking out the door because it has so much that was done on it.  I stitched all around it, coat, hat rainbow, gold pieces and  pot you get the picture; then I added fabric paint to the gold pieces to make them stand out more the bow tie and cuff and the hat, beard and jacket; then added stardust glitter from the top of the rainbow and all through the gold pieces it is a shame you really cannot see the effect that the glitter made.  I then added charms and sequins just to add some extra bling for my friend the leprechaun.  To finish him off I added ribbon to the front and back and then cut around it in little cuts to give it almost a little feathery look around the border....I am very pleased with it and it was worth all the time and effort.  I just hope she likes it as much as I do.....have a great night.


sandiqltr said...

That is so adorable! You are a very talented woman, Sharon!!!

Sharon said...

Thanks for visiting...lately it is only the little things I can Have a great day