Sunday, September 4, 2011

Have you visited Madame Samm yet @ Sew We Quilt

Good Morning eveyone. I just wanted to give a heads up to the above referenced blog of Madame Samm. She is a very tallanted lady who has given the quilting world a voice thru her blog. Right now she is doing about 8 more weeks of introducing us to new blogs and quilters and giving away sponsored prizes. She also has another blog which you will find listed on this blog. She has given new quilters ( which you all know that I consider mysef to be) oh I dabble in art quilts and hand stitching but new really in the traditinal sense) an outlet to find people that have been quilting for some time to help them in their journey. If you can go there and check her out she gives of her whole heart to this endeaver and she has a wonderful sense of humor. She also gives out some lovely prizes and fot this week she is giving a new bernina sewing machine...can u imagine winning a new sewing machine, oMG how awesome would that be. Go check her out and sign up. She really wants you too and you will want too. Have a gret Sunday and spend time with your family. Thanks Madame Samm for all you do.
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