Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Tribute to a Friend

Most of you all know that I moved about 4 months ago, out in God's Country and yes it is beautiful.  Well the lady that owns the land "Pat" had horses on this farm and we hit it off from the get go.  I would cook dinner and share with Pat once a week and she would do the same.  What started off as a friendship she quickly became family.  Pat made a statement one day that it seems like we known each other for ever and I agreed.  Well I wanted to show a few picks of her beautiful horses and such.  Why a tribute you might say because with this post is much sadness, Pat passed away on Monday which was a huge blow to allot of people.  She truly was a person that helped to make this world a better place and I will miss her terribly!  Run with the horses Pat!

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