Monday, December 28, 2009

A very precious gift

I have a good Friend in Colorado, Leslie, and she sent me a beautiful gift for Christmas. I have been waiting for a pretty sunny day to take a pic but this will be the 4Th day with very little sun so I am going to post it anyway....Leslie has been a friend of mine since I started crazy quilting and she belongs to the very first group that I joined when I decided that I would love to learn this beautiful art which is crazyquiling international or CQI. She has been there to help me whenever I needed it and has always given me a warm smile and/or a boot in the pants if I needed it. She has helped me get the very nasty self critic, that I have trouble with, off my shoulders and is very encouraging. Her talent for crazy quilting is UN-matchable, I think her art signature is "trees" she does some pretty awesome ones and I am proud to call her my friend. I trust her opinion immensely. Thank you Leslie for this beautiful gift and I will treasure it always..I look forward to a day when we can meet in person.
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