Thursday, August 20, 2009

Layering my Stitches

It is so hard for me to find the time to stitch anymore. My job is pretty stressful lately well the last 4 months or so and I never seem to have much "me" time between all that goes on at work and at home. I am constantly bringing it home with me and I need to stop it right now. Don't get me wrong I am so thankful I have a job in this day and age but it has been a bit overwhelming. But enough about that.
I have a mentor that has been helping me learn to layer my stitches. She is a wonderful friend named Leslie and I promised myself I am going to just somehow make the time and tonight I did just that here is the Herringbone and the Cretan stitch which the later I am not fond of. I really like the way it looks just not the way I make it look. Do you know what I mean? Hopefully this Saturday I will visit with a stitching buddy here in Chattanooga, Linda, but I will have to see if I have to work on Saturday first. So here is a pic I wanted to share. All helpful criticism is welcomed but please be Enjoy your Day!!!!!
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